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100 Apple Bakers & Counting!

It is said that a potter is not an expert of a form, until at least 100 pieces of that form has been made.

The apple baker was one of the first I had consistent success making and selling.

I've finally made hundred, and I can honestly say that I can craft sets of matching bakers without measuring tools (usually). My hands can sense the depth and height of each baker; my eyes telling me that one just "looks right".

Even so, there is much to learn and perfect on this shape. I would like to have more consistency with the center spike, and I can't always get the right curve on the belly of the pot.

I can't wait to see how my process will evolve over the next hundred.

Does this make me an expert potter? Heck no! I still have go make hundred mugs, cups, bowls, plates, tea pots.....

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