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PRE-ORDERS HAVE BEEN EXTENDED TO 7pm, on Monday, 11/16/2020. (AZ/Mtn.)

There will be four - separate - listings in Etsy. I have to split the listings because of Etsy's limit on images per listing.


Each listing will have a limited number of mugs that can be bought under that listing. You can buy more than on at a time.

When checking out, you will need to type the option for the mug you have chosen (i.e. NeverMore, or Blue Dragon, or Green Celtic Raven, etc.) in the comments section. If you buy more than one mug in a listing, be sure to add each option in the comments area. If you check out and forgot this step, just message me through the store. I will also contact you if it's blank. :)

The listings will be available in Etsy starting on Saturday, 11/14 at 10am (AZ/Mountain); ending on Sunday, 11/15 at 8pm (AZ/Mountain) - or when I sell out, if sooner.

The actual mug will be shipped out when it's completed. They will be done by Thanksgiving weekend.

All mugs are $38.00 + tax & shipping.

Below are the four listings and the options each listing will have. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

Group 1:
Pick a design; the colors are set.

Group 2:
Pick a design; the colors are set.

Group 3:
Pick a design; the colors are set.

Group 4:
Pick a design; you can choose blue, green or orange for your color.

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